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Overall Benefits of the ISO-Q Safety Passport Scheme Developed through industry consultation to create best practice throughout the sector. Training can be carried out in-house or by an ISO-Q accredited trainer on site. Exemptions are given to other training where agreed by the sector or client specification for level of training. Increased occupational health and safety awareness contributing to higher standards of safety performance. Embedded medical surveillance and screening information on passport. Shorter site specific induction and onboarding. Quicker site mobilization. Overall cost reduction to Client and Contractor.
Why a passport card? A card is a quick, practical way of confirming a  worker’s training credentials. The cards are ideal  for contractors or multi-site workers. They can  be used to show the standard and level of  training; as an identification card and as a site  card. Key benefits The cards are a simple way to demonstrate that  you value health and safety.   Contractors and multi-site workers prefer a card  to a certificate, as it’s more handy and portable.   Using a card to show that workers have basic  training saves time on inductions – they’ll just  need site-specific training. They demonstrate that training is up to date –  each passport expires after three years. Security features include a photo, hologram and  signature, meaning they’re more tamper- and  fraud-proof than a certificate.  
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